Camping at Chaw’se

Camp at Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park! The park offers both traditional camping and a group environmental campsite where you can sleep in a reconstructed Miwok village.

Traditional Campsites

Indian Grinding Rock State Historic Park offers 23 campsites for overnight camping, with paved parking, fire rings, picnic tables, food lockers, running water, and restroom facilities with flush toilets and showers. Wood gathering is not allowed, but firewood may be purchased at the park.

U’macha’tam’ma’ Environmental Campsite

The park offers one environmental campsite, where groups can stay in the reconstructed Miwok Village as part of the Environmental Living Program. Camping in the U’macha’tam’ma’ site is a unique experience. Here, you can get back in touch with the natural world while simultaneously experiencing a bit of Miwok life. In a secluded area of the park, seven u'macha (bark houses) each sleep up to six people. They must be reserved by a single group of up to 44 people.

The camping is primitive; campers must haul water, supplies, and equipment 200 yards or more from the parking area. Portable toilets are available in the parking area only.

To reserve the U’macha’tam’ma’ Environmental Campsite, call (209) 296-7488.


Two family campsites and one restroom are ADA updated and accessible.